Migration and Inter-Minority Xenophobia in the Russian Federation

Project Director:  Professor Mikhail A. Alexseev, San Diego State University

Funded by the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (Title VIII Research Grant), 2006-2008



This study for the first time investigates these questions systematically with mass survey data among five migrant groups in

The poll was carried out by the Analytical Levada Center in December 2006 - January 2007. The sample was 1,000 respondents, consisting of:

These groups were selected to control for the effects of

  1. titular/non-titular status of the minority;
  2. new vs. settled minority populations;
  3. Asian vs. Caucasian ethnicity;
  4. Christian vs. Muslim religion; and
  5. ethnic Slav dominance vs. ethnic heterogeneity.

These populations were sampled using a combination of random routing in dense/compact settlement areas (634 respondents) and snowballing method in areas of sparse minority settlement (366 respondents). Total response rate (as % of the total number of households visited) was 39 percent.

The questionnaire closely replicating the author's 2005 Russian migration and ethnic relations survey used in the project on Sources of Anti-Migrant Hostility (MacArthur Foundation) was administered. The analysis presented here is based on identical survey items used in 2006/07 in the areas listed above and in 2005 in Krasnodar/Adygea; Volgograd Oblastl; and Russian Federation samples.