Migration and Ethnoreligious Hate Crime (NSF): Products

1. Ethnoreligious Hate Crime in the Russian Federation, 2003-2005

The intensity of hate incidents is controlled by applying the methodology developed by the Global Events Data Systems (University of Maryland) for intrastate conflicts.  


Data compiled by city where such incidents are recorded is maintained by the SOVA Center in Moscow. The following dataset has been provided to the author by SOVA Center in July 2007 and contains the data from 2004 through May 2007.


2.  Ethnic composition and population of the Russian Federation by province and city/county, 1989-2002

Data Files in Excel and Russian:

3. Ethnic composition, socioeconomic indicators and hate crime rates (2002-2006) in a sample of Russian cities, towns and counties

4. Migration in the Russian Federation, 1992-2004: migration levels and migration level change, with breakdown by country of origin for 89 constituent units (regions and republics) of the Russian Federation, based on Russian State Committee for Statistics annuals.


5. Public Opinion Survey: “Migration and Ethnic Relations in the Russian Federation 2005”

Number of respondents: 4,740


Bibliographic reference (use when citing the findings):

Mikhail Alexseev, “Migration and Ethnic Relations in the Russian Federation,” an opinion survey conducted by the Levada-Analytical Center (Moscow) and the Public Opinion Research Laboratory, Institute of History, Archeology, and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch (Vladivostok) (September-November 2005) (with C. Richard Hofstetter)

6. Focus groups