An event-data system, "Chinese Migration and Nationalist Activism in the Russian Far East, 1993-2000."

Grodekovo checkpoint

Russia meets China: Grodekovo checkpoint, October 1999. Economic opportunities and security concerns clash at this Chinese-Russian border crossing. This new customs building at Grodekovo checkpoint symbolizes post-Soviet Russia's openness to China and willingness to trade. The three-tiered fence that surrounds the building reflects persistent fears of Chinese territorial claims. The fence in the middle is made of barbed wire and electrified. A small yellow sign reads: "Warning: high-voltage enclosure." China lies beyond.

The event-data system contains 3,253 event summaries based on Russian and Primorskii krai press documenting Russian-Chinese interactions in Primorskii krai, as well as domestic Russian interactions concerning


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Content last updated March 15, 2002